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What Is AppTrader?

AppTrader provides a unique stage for global smartphone app deals

AppTrader is a source code marketplace to buy and sell the rights of titles to apps registered on the AppStore and GooglePlay, respectively. Placing an app for sale on our listings and soliciting bids is free; and once a deal has been made, AppTrader will transfer the rights in each of the markets, including existing users, and all other development related resources. In the future, we aim to become the industry standard for the dealings of smartphone apps, where applications are listed from all global markets.
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For Buyers:

  • Wanting to apps to the market ASAP.
  • Wanting to lower development costs by purchasing existing apps.
  • Wanting to increase revenue of sucessful apps and their related rights.

For Sellers:

  • Wanting to monetize dormant apps
  • Wanting to find out how much their apps will sell for.
  • Wanting to create partnerships with companies that have established sales and marketing capabilities.
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AppTrader provides a one-stop solution for trading and
monetizing your apps across the globe


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There’s no way of leaving the app you’ve created laying around.
Why not entrust the opportunity to recover development costs and further monetize your app?
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It’s an app you’ve developed through your hard work, there should be a stage for it to shine.
Give AppTrader a try.

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About The Operating Company

NDP Media Co., Ltd.

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