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AppTrader is a marketplace for conducting sales of all the rights for mobile applications registered on the iTunes App Store and Google Play markets, from source code to any related files necessary for development, proprietary rights, existing users, and others.
 When a deal is made to buy source code, rights are transferred in each of the markets and all other resources related to the development as well.
For more information on how to buy and sell apps on AppTrader, please visit our FAQ or feel free to contact us directly.

Now that you have read how easy it is to buy and sell app source code listed on AppTrader, take a minute to sign up for free and then start searching for your next wise investment!

  • Listed Data
    The latest data listed on AppTrader is automatically retrieved from the app`s market.

Presenting an App`s Proprietary rights
of apps

  • Bids from potential buyers for the proprietary mobile app's rights can be made on AppTrader by first registering the app.
  • Step1 Registering your app information
    After the user completes registration of the app, retrieval of the app's data will begin once an invitation is made from the app's market account to AppTrader. Once the data retrieval is complete, listing can begin by selecting the listed app, adding additional information that appeals to potential bidders, and uploading the necessary development files, such as the source code.
    Step2 Managing the bidders
    Once the listing has begun, potential buyers are able to bid on the app. The seller can determine which bidders they feel are the best potential for a transaction and begin exchanging individual messages with those bidders.
    Step3 Closing the transfer contract
    Once an agreement has been reached by both parties, AppTrader provides a transaction platform function that enables easy transfer of the app rights and code from the seller to the buyer.

Purchasing Proprietary Rights
For Apps

  • AppTrader provides a service for purchasing exclusive source code rights to mobile apps directly from the app rights' owner from anywhere in the world. How the buyer chooses to turn a high-potential app into a consistent revenue stream is based on his/her creativity. Buyers can conduct app business by retaining the proprietary rights or making improvements to the source code and configuring the app to match specific business needs.
  • Step1 Finding the app you’re looking for
    Search AppTrader's registered listings to find the app that best fits your needs.
    Step2 Make a bid with your conditions
    Set the bid at an amount of your choosing on AppTrader. It is possible to contact the seller at any time before or after a bid has been made.
    * A PayPal account will be required to bid. In case of a successful bid, a charge fee equivalent to 5% of the settled amount will be added and will be paid together with the bid amount.
    Step3 Acquire the rights
    When a deal has been struck, the transfer of the app can be made very easily using the app transaction platform function of [AppTrader].
    * Accounts for either Google Play or the iTunes AppStore will be required to transfer apps that has been purchased on AppTrader.
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