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Best game with unique addictive game play

Best game with unique addictive game play

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Eric Bravo
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12+ for the following:
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Details  See Translation

This game is developed with cocos2d-x, the platform which can be port to Android, iOS and Window phones.

The game with cool graphic, good algorithm and very unique to play. People are very attract with unique things

I will transfer this game in app store to your app store when purchasing this game

The games with

- Local Push Notification

- Sounds included

- 2 game modes : Challenge and Campaign

- Kute graphic

- Cool gameplay and icon

Description  See Translation

The alligator is hungry and very, very angry. Take the food from the mosquitoes and feed it. But be careful! Drop the food enough times and you will be eaten. You may be eaten even if you don't! 2 modes : CAMPAIGN mode and CHALLENGE mode - In CAMPAIGN mode, you need to feed the monster with increasing difficulty. If you drop 3 items, you will be eaten. Play through 15 levels in CAMPAIGN mode. Once you unlock all 15 levels and reach at least 40 stars, you will unlock the CHALLENGE mode - In CHALLENGE mode, get the highest score you can before the angry alligator eats you. Share your high score with your friends! Keep your eye on the mosquitoes as the food they drop is very hard to handle. Have fun and don't get eaten!

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