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Crypt My Pic

Crypt My Pic

Crypt My Pic

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Top Encryption photo app. to Keep or share photos encrypted.

Crypt My Pic, with 3 versions, for iOS (Universal with specific features for iPad), and Android (paid and free version), which allows to encrypt and share safely pictures among users.

The app includes revenue made from ads(android lite - restricted- version) and paid version (iOS and Android).

It has been featured in several countries in AppStore, and it's code is easy to enhance and migrate to other platforms if needed.

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Have you ever wanted to have personal, private or sensitive photos in your phone without the risk of some unwanted person seeing them? Have you ever wanted to keep highly confidential pictures, like bank coordinates cards in your phone? Have you ever wanted to send confidential, private or sensitive photos to some person, just for his/her eyes? If you wanted, but you were afraid of the risks, your problem is now solved. Crypt My Pics comes to recue! Keep and share your photos with top security, so just you and those you want can see them. Encrypt your pictures and keep them safe in you device or share safely with your friends. Keep all your confidential images, and sensitive pictures just for you and those you want to. Be sure your pics will not be revealed if your device is stolen or you lose it. Photos are synced with iCloud among all your devices High security encryption (AES256) used to keep your data just for your eyes.




Great Crypt App. / I'm big user of cryptographic tools and this one it's one of the best I found, the level of encryption is True AES256 and let you use big alphanumeric passwords, if you need privacy and security this app it's a priority tool.

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