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BookHunter (Comiket Catalog Viewer)

BookHunter (Comiket Catalog Viewer)

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Shota Izaka
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Details  See Translation

BookHunter is viewer for Comiket(the biggest OTAKU event).
The number of participants are about 570,000.
The event brings 18 billion of economic effect.
You can enter the business related the event with this app.

This app provides catalog for the event.
Users can access seller information and maps with this app.

This app uses "Comike Web Catalog" API.
After transfer the rights, you have to contact "Comike Web Catalog" as a transferred developer.

Description  See Translation

Open your eyes, hunters! Get the treasure you seek! The perfect partner for a chaotic Comiket. This is BookHunter. BookHunter is a Comiket Web Catalog viewer. BookHunter lets you prepare with ease then bring the treasure map to the event with you. It's time! Grab BookHunter in one hand set off for adventure! ■ Features ◯ Search results in under a second Keyword search results are available instantly. Quickly find the circle you're searching for. ◯ The latest information at a glance with pixiv app integration Check out the latest illustrations from artists you're interested in using the pixiv app. You won't miss out on newest their newest works! ◯ Automatically synchronize your favorite circles list Your favorites are automatically synchronized with the Comiket Web Catalog. Perfect for those who prepare carefully on their PCs! ◯ Works completely offline Aside from the initial setup, BookHunter can work completely offline. When you do have an internet connection, your favorites list will be automatically updated. ◯ See where the treasure lies at a glance Add circles to the map to make your own unique treasure map. Improve your hunting efficiency! *Notes A paid Comiket Web Catalog account is required to use BookHunter. This app is not endorsed or supported by Comiket or For help and support, please see our support site.

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