The feature of AppTrader

Today I would like to talk about the characteristics and functions of AppTrader.

As I have discussed in various conferences and business talks, the features of AppTrader are;
1, Disclosure of information
AppleTrader exposes all applications and the providers

2, Direct dealings between providers and consumers.
AppTrader offers a direct dealing between providers and consumers. Imagine Yahoo! Auction. It would help you to understand what AppsTrader is like.

3, A market place for the grobal world.
Not only to Japan or the United States; AppTrader support application dealings open internationally.

Application dealing is made up of two components;

1, Shifts of owners on the market.
We will shift your accounts on AppStore or Google Play

2, Relocation of rights including sourcecode
We will transfer contents including sourcecodes and images.

For 1, we will use the transfer functions on iTunes Connect and Google Play, and offer easy navigation.
For 2, we will use the file server provided by AppTraer. Uploads of sourcecodes, images and privisioning, etc, necessity for application development will be done.

Applications appearing on AppTrader must exist on AppStore or Google Play. This is because we need to make sure that buyers can check the perfect movement of the applications before each tender. You are also able to see the number of downloads and profits on AppTrader.

In this way, AppTrader supports the clear and direct dealings of applications between the sellers and buyers