Things to do with a old iPhone

Greetings, with the release of the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6+ is a thing in the past now, I would like to discuss something that some people wonder about. “What should I do with my old Phone?” Today I would like to talk about some of the answers to that question.

Use it as an iPod touch

The iPhone was originally built based on the iPod Touch so this would be an obvious answer. Generally most people would put all their music and videos on their old device to save data on their new phone. This does also include game apps that do not use Internet as well effectively making the phone into a media device. Not only you can make your phone an effective media device but also because of the abundant amount of tool apps that you can use off line, you will get great mileage out of using the phone as a scheduler.

Reusing the Phone

Getting another SIM card for your old phone and using it as a sub-phone. Having the luxury of having mobile network plan opens up more options for the mere fact that you have a backup phone to use. Other option includes using it for extra SNS accounts, navigation.

Taking Risks.

Having a new phone means that your old phone will not have as much use as your new one. This makes it perfect for the old one to be a perfect test subject. A friend of mine puts his iPhone in a zip lock bag and uses it in the bathtub. Other means of risk taking is jail breaking. If done right, you will have access to a lot of other apps otherwise unable to them. Do it incorrectly, more than likely you will “brick” your phone that is to say, you will effectively make your phone totally unusable.

Passing it down.

If you still can`t find a good way to put your phone into use, there is someone that can put it to good use. IPhones boast a high resale value, so selling your phone is an attractive option. As stated before, you can still use old iPhones if you have another SIM card. This means that you can pass down your old phone to family members for them to use as their own phone.

Here I have discussed the many uses of an old phone as I have seen people just leave their old iPhone lying around.

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