Welcome to App M&A World

My name is Shinjo from Lotus.f. I would like to provide regular information about the smartphone app market and M&A of apps.

First comes the outline of smartphone app market.

It is said that there are about 1,150,000 iOS apps and about 1,210,000 Android apps (*currently recorded in May 2014. The data of iOS surveyed by 148.app.biz and of Android surveyed by AppBrain.)

Regarding iOS, about 700 apps are added to AppStore everyday (universally recorded in March 2014,) and it has been highly competitive.

To show that simply, today (June 6,) I examined the release days of the top 30 apps on the ranking. Despite my expectation that new apps would rank in the high positions, the actual ratios of new apps were 7 in Japan and even 3 in the US (Farm Heroes Saga, Boom Beach, Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff) out of the top 30 apps.

In spite of the increase of new apps, the top stream of the ranking is occupied with the ones released previously. Hereafter I would like to pick up and introduce some cases with high profit in such a remarkable situation.