The Truth to Developing a App

Greetings once agin, Shinjo here and today I would like to talk about people and money around developing an app.

This is Japan`s case.

I have personally been involved in app development and I would like to believe that I have a firm understanding of the costs of developing an app.

For instance, if one was to build a simple tool app for a client, they would invest a lot of time on meetings the deciding on the functions apps, which would take some where around 2 months. If the client was to be a large company, they would pay 1million yen per person, and with the costs of running an app, the total cost maybe 2.5million(22,942$) yen. Now with social games, because the graphics are improving and the games themselves are getting more complicated so a budget of 100million(917,614$) yen may not be enough to develop the app, there are more and more projects like this.

In the first example the tool app, most people would hire a free lance developer will doing the directing them selves would cost half a million per month (please note that this is not the standard but what most people charge.) Then hiring a designer would cost about 100 thousand yen so in total it would cost 600 thousand(5,506$) yen to develop

Recently I had the opportunity to talk with a few game developers from over seas. 1 developer from Europe said that he had hired a developer from Pakistan for 400$ a month and built 2,3 apps a day.

Of course the volume and the quality of the apps are different, but I was astonished by the difference in the price. An Engineer from India was asked to port Android apps to iOS apps for 10 days at the cost of 200$. 200$ in Japan would only get you roughly 4 hours worth of work.

In the age of the Internet, it is easy to make comparisons with people from around the world and make connections. It is the same workload and the same language but the cost difference for the job is puzzling.

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