Stop bending your device.

Greetings once again. As more and more people are getting their hands on the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6+, there are al lot people who are praising the 2 devices. As there are people who are praising the new iPhones, there are people that complain about the device. Little bit after the release of the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6+, there has been claims from users on twitter that the iPhone6+ bends after extended periods inside of people`s pocket. People on twitter gave this phenomenon it`s own hash tag #bendgate. Currently there are numerous videos and pictures showing bent iPhone 6+. Not only the users are focusing on this issue but the media all around the world as well.

Here`s a video of a bend test

Apple`s official statement is that under normal circumstance the phones will not bend and if the phone bends, it is rare case. There are YouTube videos showing the iPhone 6 and the iPhone6 + bending with force. Yes testings do support that both the iPhone6 and the iPhone6+ are more susceptible to bending than the early models of the iPhone but we all do have to understand that the new iPhones are a lot bigger and thinner so this kind of thing was bound to happen eventually.

I personally think that the majority of the people just over reacted to the situation. A slight bend in the phone is not going break a phone, and if that were case, Apple would have made sure that the phone would not break under pressure before releasing the phone. People may have forgotten that these phones are delicate devices that should be handled with care before complaining about their phones bending. Yes, #BendGate maybe a real thing but this is just because this is a real thing, this is not a reason to go out and bending iPhones and posting YouTube videos about it. I am looking for to this topic dying down soon.

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