Will the era for smart watches come?

Greetings, Koji Shinjo here and today I would like to talk about smart watches. It is said that 2014 is the beginning for smart watches like the Google Watch and the Apple Watch.



There has been news about au will be releasing a smart watch which will be running the Tizen OS after multiple delays.

Looking at the specs, there is not much difference between the two with features such as accelerometer, gyroscope, compass, heart rate monitor, ambient light, Uv light, and barometer. Inserting a SIM card will allow users to make phone calls and send text messages straight from the watch.

We predict that starting next year, other OS venders and makers are going to be announcing new products. We think that what will help spread smart watches will be how it will meet the users satisfactions.

For instance, although it has functions that are similar to a smartphone, a watch is a watch. The truth is the customer is not going to buy it if they do like how product looks when they wear it. Sadly the there were no models that were appealing to our eyes.

For example, major watch such as Rolex or Swatch taking smart watches seriously may make a major difference to how they spread.

Currently here at AppTrader, we are a global marketplace platform where users can buy and sell apps but in the near future, their maybe a day where we start selling apps for smart watches. We will be keeping a close eye to how smart watches do in from here.

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