Don`t trust everything on the Internet.

Greetings, today I would like to talk about something that has been up on the Internet. What I would like discuss is a “feature” about the iOS that first appeared on 4chan named “Wave”. “Wave” is made for the iOS 8 that has been released recently users can recharge their devices by heating up their device in a microwave. Please do NOT do this, not only this will ruin your device but your microwave as well. “Wave” is a hoax that was cooked up by 4chan. Yes; there have been people that have done this damaging their devices.


There was a similar story back when the iOS 7 was first was released. Back when the iOS 7 there was information along with images of a new function called “Air Drop” and waterproofing. Waterproofing stated that devices that have been upgraded to iOS 7 are waterproof. People who believed this hoax were very disappointed when the found their phone dead after taking it out of the water. Now Airdrop does exist and the real function of Airdrop is that it allows users to transfer files between Mac and iPhones wirelessly. Now the hoax is that Airdrop will make the iPhone fall proof. The fake image states that features of Airdrop includes; accidental drop protection from up to 1.5 meters, the function to detect the phone is falling and a function that ensures that the phone lands face up to protect the screen from getting damaged. None of these functions exist in any version of the iPhones and an iOS update will not enable these kinds of functions.


As a new iOS is released, there are going to be rumors and hoaxes floating around the Internet. After the damage that the hoax around the iOS7 and the recent hoax, let`s hope that people learn from their mistakes and check their sources before trying something crazy like microwaving their phones. Maybe one day in the future, these features maybe included in an iPhone.

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