Japanese companies interested in buying apps.

Greetings. Shijo from AppTrader here. Today I would like to discuss about requests from our buyers. We have many requests from Japanese companies that are interested in buying apps and today I would like to share their requests here on AppTrader.

I cannot disclose the names of our buyers but some big companies are among our buyers. Here are 2 common things that our buyers have requested.

1. Apps that have the potential to grow in the future.
Apps that may not have many Downloads or revenue but has a good number of unique users.
Our buyers will make the app grow by promotions, add a way to monetize the app to make a profit.

2 For testing purpose
For example a company wants to test a SDK or a Framework with an app that is already uploaded on the store. In order to cut the time of building an app from scratch and putting it on the store, buyers can save time by buying an app.

3. Apps with great number of installs overseas.
There are buyers who want to expand their market to foreign companies. This was a request from a company that does in app advertisements over seas. They are looking for apps that have a large number of installs in South East Asia.

If you have apps like these to sell, please contact us!

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