How often do you look at your phone?

Greetings today I would like to talk about 2 apps that may help solve a problem that I have notice a lot lately, smartphone addiction. The 2 apps that I am going to discuss today are Checky and Moment.

In the our current generation, people are a lot more attached to their phones not just as a mean to communicate but for entertainment reasons such as apps like Candy Crush and Flappy Bird. The amount of information that is in a single smart phone is enormous and many people maybe addicted to their phones. When I am on the train on my way to work, I see the majority of people on the train using their smartphones even if they are with a group of acquaintances. The first step into helping addiction is realizing that the person is indeed addicted, and that is where the 2 apps come in.

Checky is a simple app that shows how many times you have checked you phone over the course of one day. Checky will give you the answer to the question, “How often do I check my phone?” and give you the number, which you can compare with your friends and family.

While Checky only tracks how many times you check your phone each day, Moment tracks how long you are on your phone. The app simply runs in the background and gives you notices as you are getting close to your usage goal that you set when you first start up the app. As an extra feature, Moment tracks where you use your phone

I believe that this app has the potential to let people that they are checking their phones a lot more often then they think. Giving the users this awareness of often they look at their phones may help people reduce their use of smartphones by telling them how many times they used their phones that day which can help them set up a goals to reduce their smartphone usage.

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