A Smartphone for only 99 cents?

Greetings once again, today it has come to my attention that Amazon`s smartphone the Fire Phone after two months of it`s initial release, has made a dramatic price drop recently.

For those who do not what the Fire Phone is, I will give a brief explanation of what it is. The Fire Phone was made by Amazon works just like any other smartphone on the market but with it`s own perks that set the Fire Phone apart form the other smart phones in the market. The Fire Phone was made with Amazon in mind with Fire Phone`s major built in app called Firefly. This app makes the Fire Phone a scanner which you can scan the said item and if it is sold on Amazon, then you can buy the said item on the spot from Amazon or put it in your Amazon shopping cart to purchase later with other items.

When the Fire Phone first hit the market, many people did not find the phone worth the price tag of 200$ not only because there are better alternatives but also for the fact that the phone runs an unique OS with a smaller library of apps meaning users of the Fire Phone, will not have the luxury of using Google Maps or YouTube. With the price tag of 200$, users can easily get a phone that can out perform the Fire Phone.

Recently Amazon made a price drop from 200$ to 99 cents. Fire Phone upon purchase allows the use of Amazon Prime for one year free of charge, which is a lot cheaper than actually purchasing a Prime membership. Although you do have to make a 2 year contract with AT&T

The Fire Phone it`s self is a very bold move by entering the smartphone market as not only Apple`s competitor but also companies such as Samsung but, selling it for 99 cents something.
Let`s see if the Fire Phone can make a comeback.

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