Startup Asia Tokyo September 3rd-4th

Yesterday and today at Shibuya Hikarie, “Startup Asia Tokyo” we had a booth set up. From investors to other startups, we had over 100 visitors and introduced our service to them.

To the people who came to our booth, we asked questions such as “Have you ever seen our service” and many people said they never knew that a service like this ever existed.

There were many developers who were interested in selling their apps and some even wanted buy apps for testing purposes.

We told them that we are aiming towards the South East Asia market and many people supported our idea.

Also we were able to talk to developers and other people who are running platforms about future plans and exchange information with them, making this a very constructive event.

What pains us was the fact how unknown AppTrader is and the fact that people do not realize that selling apps is an option and that has not been fully explored yet. Of course promotions are going to continue for AppTrader and we are planning to develop the App M&A scene all over the world

Mobile App Acquisition Marketplace “AppTrader”

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