Things to do with a old iPhone

Greetings, with the release of the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6+ is a thing in the past now, I would like to discuss something that some people wonder about. “What should I do with my old Phone?” Today I would like to talk about some of the answers to that question.

Use it as an iPod touch

The iPhone was originally built based on the iPod Touch so this would be an obvious answer. Generally most people would put all their music and videos on their old device to save data on their new phone. This does also include game apps that do not use Internet as well effectively making the phone into a media device. Not only you can make your phone an effective media device but also because of the abundant amount of tool apps that you can use off line, you will get great mileage out of using the phone as a scheduler.

Reusing the Phone

Getting another SIM card for your old phone and using it as a sub-phone. Having the luxury of having mobile network plan opens up more options for the mere fact that you have a backup phone to use. Other option includes using it for extra SNS accounts, navigation.

Taking Risks.

Having a new phone means that your old phone will not have as much use as your new one. This makes it perfect for the old one to be a perfect test subject. A friend of mine puts his iPhone in a zip lock bag and uses it in the bathtub. Other means of risk taking is jail breaking. If done right, you will have access to a lot of other apps otherwise unable to them. Do it incorrectly, more than likely you will “brick” your phone that is to say, you will effectively make your phone totally unusable.

Passing it down.

If you still can`t find a good way to put your phone into use, there is someone that can put it to good use. IPhones boast a high resale value, so selling your phone is an attractive option. As stated before, you can still use old iPhones if you have another SIM card. This means that you can pass down your old phone to family members for them to use as their own phone.

Here I have discussed the many uses of an old phone as I have seen people just leave their old iPhone lying around.

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The Truth to Developing a App

Greetings once agin, Shinjo here and today I would like to talk about people and money around developing an app.

This is Japan`s case.

I have personally been involved in app development and I would like to believe that I have a firm understanding of the costs of developing an app.

For instance, if one was to build a simple tool app for a client, they would invest a lot of time on meetings the deciding on the functions apps, which would take some where around 2 months. If the client was to be a large company, they would pay 1million yen per person, and with the costs of running an app, the total cost maybe 2.5million(22,942$) yen. Now with social games, because the graphics are improving and the games themselves are getting more complicated so a budget of 100million(917,614$) yen may not be enough to develop the app, there are more and more projects like this.

In the first example the tool app, most people would hire a free lance developer will doing the directing them selves would cost half a million per month (please note that this is not the standard but what most people charge.) Then hiring a designer would cost about 100 thousand yen so in total it would cost 600 thousand(5,506$) yen to develop

Recently I had the opportunity to talk with a few game developers from over seas. 1 developer from Europe said that he had hired a developer from Pakistan for 400$ a month and built 2,3 apps a day.

Of course the volume and the quality of the apps are different, but I was astonished by the difference in the price. An Engineer from India was asked to port Android apps to iOS apps for 10 days at the cost of 200$. 200$ in Japan would only get you roughly 4 hours worth of work.

In the age of the Internet, it is easy to make comparisons with people from around the world and make connections. It is the same workload and the same language but the cost difference for the job is puzzling.

Here at AppTrader, is standing in the same spot as the sellers. We are looking forward to seeing what kind of deals will be made here.

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Stop bending your device.

Greetings once again. As more and more people are getting their hands on the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6+, there are al lot people who are praising the 2 devices. As there are people who are praising the new iPhones, there are people that complain about the device. Little bit after the release of the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6+, there has been claims from users on twitter that the iPhone6+ bends after extended periods inside of people`s pocket. People on twitter gave this phenomenon it`s own hash tag #bendgate. Currently there are numerous videos and pictures showing bent iPhone 6+. Not only the users are focusing on this issue but the media all around the world as well.

Here`s a video of a bend test

Apple`s official statement is that under normal circumstance the phones will not bend and if the phone bends, it is rare case. There are YouTube videos showing the iPhone 6 and the iPhone6 + bending with force. Yes testings do support that both the iPhone6 and the iPhone6+ are more susceptible to bending than the early models of the iPhone but we all do have to understand that the new iPhones are a lot bigger and thinner so this kind of thing was bound to happen eventually.

I personally think that the majority of the people just over reacted to the situation. A slight bend in the phone is not going break a phone, and if that were case, Apple would have made sure that the phone would not break under pressure before releasing the phone. People may have forgotten that these phones are delicate devices that should be handled with care before complaining about their phones bending. Yes, #BendGate maybe a real thing but this is just because this is a real thing, this is not a reason to go out and bending iPhones and posting YouTube videos about it. I am looking for to this topic dying down soon.

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Will the era for smart watches come?

Greetings, Koji Shinjo here and today I would like to talk about smart watches. It is said that 2014 is the beginning for smart watches like the Google Watch and the Apple Watch.



There has been news about au will be releasing a smart watch which will be running the Tizen OS after multiple delays.

Looking at the specs, there is not much difference between the two with features such as accelerometer, gyroscope, compass, heart rate monitor, ambient light, Uv light, and barometer. Inserting a SIM card will allow users to make phone calls and send text messages straight from the watch.

We predict that starting next year, other OS venders and makers are going to be announcing new products. We think that what will help spread smart watches will be how it will meet the users satisfactions.

For instance, although it has functions that are similar to a smartphone, a watch is a watch. The truth is the customer is not going to buy it if they do like how product looks when they wear it. Sadly the there were no models that were appealing to our eyes.

For example, major watch such as Rolex or Swatch taking smart watches seriously may make a major difference to how they spread.

Currently here at AppTrader, we are a global marketplace platform where users can buy and sell apps but in the near future, their maybe a day where we start selling apps for smart watches. We will be keeping a close eye to how smart watches do in from here.

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Don`t trust everything on the Internet.

Greetings, today I would like to talk about something that has been up on the Internet. What I would like discuss is a “feature” about the iOS that first appeared on 4chan named “Wave”. “Wave” is made for the iOS 8 that has been released recently users can recharge their devices by heating up their device in a microwave. Please do NOT do this, not only this will ruin your device but your microwave as well. “Wave” is a hoax that was cooked up by 4chan. Yes; there have been people that have done this damaging their devices.


There was a similar story back when the iOS 7 was first was released. Back when the iOS 7 there was information along with images of a new function called “Air Drop” and waterproofing. Waterproofing stated that devices that have been upgraded to iOS 7 are waterproof. People who believed this hoax were very disappointed when the found their phone dead after taking it out of the water. Now Airdrop does exist and the real function of Airdrop is that it allows users to transfer files between Mac and iPhones wirelessly. Now the hoax is that Airdrop will make the iPhone fall proof. The fake image states that features of Airdrop includes; accidental drop protection from up to 1.5 meters, the function to detect the phone is falling and a function that ensures that the phone lands face up to protect the screen from getting damaged. None of these functions exist in any version of the iPhones and an iOS update will not enable these kinds of functions.


As a new iOS is released, there are going to be rumors and hoaxes floating around the Internet. After the damage that the hoax around the iOS7 and the recent hoax, let`s hope that people learn from their mistakes and check their sources before trying something crazy like microwaving their phones. Maybe one day in the future, these features maybe included in an iPhone.

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Japanese companies interested in buying apps.

Greetings. Shijo from AppTrader here. Today I would like to discuss about requests from our buyers. We have many requests from Japanese companies that are interested in buying apps and today I would like to share their requests here on AppTrader.

I cannot disclose the names of our buyers but some big companies are among our buyers. Here are 2 common things that our buyers have requested.

1. Apps that have the potential to grow in the future.
Apps that may not have many Downloads or revenue but has a good number of unique users.
Our buyers will make the app grow by promotions, add a way to monetize the app to make a profit.

2 For testing purpose
For example a company wants to test a SDK or a Framework with an app that is already uploaded on the store. In order to cut the time of building an app from scratch and putting it on the store, buyers can save time by buying an app.

3. Apps with great number of installs overseas.
There are buyers who want to expand their market to foreign companies. This was a request from a company that does in app advertisements over seas. They are looking for apps that have a large number of installs in South East Asia.

If you have apps like these to sell, please contact us!

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How often do you look at your phone?

Greetings today I would like to talk about 2 apps that may help solve a problem that I have notice a lot lately, smartphone addiction. The 2 apps that I am going to discuss today are Checky and Moment.

In the our current generation, people are a lot more attached to their phones not just as a mean to communicate but for entertainment reasons such as apps like Candy Crush and Flappy Bird. The amount of information that is in a single smart phone is enormous and many people maybe addicted to their phones. When I am on the train on my way to work, I see the majority of people on the train using their smartphones even if they are with a group of acquaintances. The first step into helping addiction is realizing that the person is indeed addicted, and that is where the 2 apps come in.

Checky is a simple app that shows how many times you have checked you phone over the course of one day. Checky will give you the answer to the question, “How often do I check my phone?” and give you the number, which you can compare with your friends and family.

While Checky only tracks how many times you check your phone each day, Moment tracks how long you are on your phone. The app simply runs in the background and gives you notices as you are getting close to your usage goal that you set when you first start up the app. As an extra feature, Moment tracks where you use your phone

I believe that this app has the potential to let people that they are checking their phones a lot more often then they think. Giving the users this awareness of often they look at their phones may help people reduce their use of smartphones by telling them how many times they used their phones that day which can help them set up a goals to reduce their smartphone usage.

Checky Homepage

Moment Homepage

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The iPhone 6 and the Apple Watch, how will it affect developers?

On September 9, at Apple`s conference, the iPhone 6/iPhone 6 plus and the Apple Watch was announced. Although there were rumors about the iPhone 6, many people were caught by surprise about the Apple Watch.

Some of the main features of the 2 iPhone 6 are improved CPU process, increased screen size, and added the NFC function and the introduction to the Apple pay service.

From the above-mentioned functions, a lot of developers are having a headache over the increased screen size. Up until now, when the iPhone 4 or the iPhone 5 came out, developers only had to update their app one size only, but with the release of the 2 iPhone 6, developers now have to make 2 versions for the 2 different sizes. Currently the Android devices are having a problem of all the phones not having a consistent screen, will the iPhone fall into the same problem?

Another problem developers will face is managing the health care related information. The iOS8 will be adding the “HealthKit” library. This allows users to manage their health care related information from an app. With the introduction of the iOS 8, the Apple Watch will be a hard ware platform that gathers all the health care related information. The Apple Watch will include features such as gyro sensor, accelerometer, and a heart rate monitor. In combination with the iPhone`s GPS and functions such as Wi-Fi, will keep track the users activities and health conditions.

As the developed countries enter the aging society, the need for preventive medical care becomes a necessity. Currently most of the innovations for smart phones are game and communication related, but the spot light will be on health care in the near future. We will be sure to keep a close eye on how the iOS 8 and the Apple Watch will grow.

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A Smartphone for only 99 cents?

Greetings once again, today it has come to my attention that Amazon`s smartphone the Fire Phone after two months of it`s initial release, has made a dramatic price drop recently.

For those who do not what the Fire Phone is, I will give a brief explanation of what it is. The Fire Phone was made by Amazon works just like any other smartphone on the market but with it`s own perks that set the Fire Phone apart form the other smart phones in the market. The Fire Phone was made with Amazon in mind with Fire Phone`s major built in app called Firefly. This app makes the Fire Phone a scanner which you can scan the said item and if it is sold on Amazon, then you can buy the said item on the spot from Amazon or put it in your Amazon shopping cart to purchase later with other items.

When the Fire Phone first hit the market, many people did not find the phone worth the price tag of 200$ not only because there are better alternatives but also for the fact that the phone runs an unique OS with a smaller library of apps meaning users of the Fire Phone, will not have the luxury of using Google Maps or YouTube. With the price tag of 200$, users can easily get a phone that can out perform the Fire Phone.

Recently Amazon made a price drop from 200$ to 99 cents. Fire Phone upon purchase allows the use of Amazon Prime for one year free of charge, which is a lot cheaper than actually purchasing a Prime membership. Although you do have to make a 2 year contract with AT&T

The Fire Phone it`s self is a very bold move by entering the smartphone market as not only Apple`s competitor but also companies such as Samsung but, selling it for 99 cents something.
Let`s see if the Fire Phone can make a comeback.

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Startup Asia Tokyo September 3rd-4th

Yesterday and today at Shibuya Hikarie, “Startup Asia Tokyo” we had a booth set up. From investors to other startups, we had over 100 visitors and introduced our service to them.

To the people who came to our booth, we asked questions such as “Have you ever seen our service” and many people said they never knew that a service like this ever existed.

There were many developers who were interested in selling their apps and some even wanted buy apps for testing purposes.

We told them that we are aiming towards the South East Asia market and many people supported our idea.

Also we were able to talk to developers and other people who are running platforms about future plans and exchange information with them, making this a very constructive event.

What pains us was the fact how unknown AppTrader is and the fact that people do not realize that selling apps is an option and that has not been fully explored yet. Of course promotions are going to continue for AppTrader and we are planning to develop the App M&A scene all over the world

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